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This Too Will Pass- Message from Our Co-Founder

To all our wonderful Inside Out members, artists, volunteers & friends.

This is a time of great anxiety for us all. I feel sure that many of you, like me, are in lock-down. Others will still be cautiously out in the world. We will all be drawing on what resources we have – emotionally, spiritually, socially, creatively, to come through this time of crisis.

We know ‘this too will pass’!

Meanwhile the earth keeps turning; leaf buds are unfurling their fresh green , the skylarks are singing, and celandine’s gleam on the banks.

Crises bring communities together. While in this particular crisis coming together physically is not possible there is the blessing of many other forms of communication. Over the coming weeks we will be exploring all possible ways of being in touch with you and continuing our creative community.

Beyond that we can all hold each other in our hearts & minds.

My great hope is that this crisis will be a catalyst for a change in society;that we will turn away from our arrogant, selfish, human centred view of the world, in the light of the realisation that a tiny virus can halt the whole human project. Is it possible that we might emerge with a greater sense of love for all other beings and for the

Stay safe & well everyone

With warmest thoughts

Co Founder Inside Out Community

When I find myself in times of trouble:

“In dark times
we must take what ever light we can hold
and shine it into the darkness.
Let us not be afraid.
Let us rest in the goodness of the world.
Let us draw close to each other,
heart reaching out to heart, sure,
that in these perilous times, what
we will find there is the courage to endure.”

Peter Watkins

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