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Sense of Place with Stefan Freedman

This blogpost is all about our next visiting artist, Stefan Freedman, who will be leading our Creativity to Wellbeing Pathway workshop on Monday 26th February (2pm – 4pm) at the Eastern Angles Centre.

We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming back Stefan Freedman of Dancewise and Worldance to Inside Out Community. Stefan is an incredibly talented dancer who has toured the world for over 35 years, leading dance and other workshops for all levels, as well as being involved with celebrations and festivities in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Greece, and many more!

Stefan’s extensive dance training includes Greek, Balkan, Israeli, Palestinian and Rom traditional dancing, Salsa, Bachata, and Biodanza. His dance teaching includes calling Barn Dances, Circle Dance for adults receiving mental health support, Creative Movement, and dance/music games with children. On top of this, Stefan plays a wide range of instruments, including the accordion, melodeon, piano, guitar, darabouka, wooden flute and mandolin.

Stefan is an incredibly accomplished dancer. His achievements include playing a key role in introducing Circle Dance at a Middle East Peace conference (IFLAC London 2002), a humanitarian educational congress (SEAL, Derby 2002), an international NVC conference on conflict and communication (London, June 2004), and the Scouts International Jamboree (Chelmsford, August 2007). As well as “peace, culture, and dance” events in Israel in 2005 and 2008.

More recently, in partnership with Salsa-trained Judith Atkins, Stefan created ‘Move To The Rhythm’, which is a series of expressive dance workshops that incorporate Latin dance with personal development. These workshops have been held in Ipswich, Eye and Bury St Edmunds. Stefan has also led ‘Salsa-Made-Simple’ (Cuban style) and introductory Bachata workshops in the UK, France, Greece, Mexico and Italy, sometimes with Judith Atkins co-teaching.

For more information about Stefan, please visit Dance Wise and Worldance, as well as follow him on Instagram to find out what he has coming up soon!

So, join us at our Creativity to Wellbeing Pathway session on Monday 26th February (2pm – 4pm) at Eastern Angles Centre to see what it’s all about. No need to book; just come along!

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