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A maze made from hedging surrounded by fields and trees.

“Labyrinths” with Sarah

This week’s workshop will combine drawing, painting and collage. You can use whatever materials you feel the most drawn to.

In the video below Sarah will take you through a variety of different approaches on this moodbusting, wriggly journey from dark to light and light to dark, using the labyrinth design.

You can pause the video slide by slide just by clicking anywhere on the video window or alternatively you can download a PDF version of the workshop by clicking the link below. 

Also below you will see the two examples that Sarah refers to; the round labyrinth and the mushroom shaped labyrinth. An A4 downloadable version of these templates is also available. If you would like one please email info@insideoutcommunity.com

Have fun with your labyrinths and we look forward to seeing the results. 

                                                     Circle labyrinth                                                                                                   Mushroom labyrinth

Click the link below to download the PDF version

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