Art Inspired by Dance and Movement


Two Dancers 1937 by Henri Matisse 

Cover maquette for the journal ‘Verve’, 1945  by Henri Matisse 

TODAY’S ACTIVITY: We are going to create a series of pictures inspired by Matisse’s cut out pictures:

Materials: Coloured paper, scissors and glue

1. Cut out (human figure like) shapes (you can cut out a template first which would help cutting multiple copies).
2. Once you have a number of shapes, arrange them on the background and adding more shapes in layers which should give a suggestion of movement.
3. Stick down the shoes once you are happy with the composition.

Here is one that I did showing the different stages of movement:

Content & Images by Allan Williams

Allan has created a second version of this activity which you can see below.
Just click on the video to begin watching.

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