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Collage of figures shown in four steps.

Art Inspired by Dance and Movement

Artwork inspired by dance and movement.

Two Dancers 1937 by Henri Matisse 

Artwork showing two black figures against a green background with white flashes and orange lettering.

Cover maquette for the journal ‘Verve’, 1945  by Henri Matisse 

TODAY’S ACTIVITY: We are going to create a series of pictures inspired by Matisse’s cut out pictures:

Materials: Coloured paper, scissors and glue

1. Cut out (human figure like) shapes (you can cut out a template first which would help cutting multiple copies).
2. Once you have a number of shapes, arrange them on the background and adding more shapes in layers which should give a suggestion of movement.
3. Stick down the shoes once you are happy with the composition.

Here is one that I did showing the different stages of movement:

Content & Images by Allan Williams

Allan has created a second version of this activity which you can see below.
Just click on the video to begin watching.

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