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Happy Suffolk Day 2022

A group of adults gathered in a park cheering.

Wishing you all a very Happy Suffolk Day 2022.

Here is a word from Inside Out Community Chair, Matthew Morris;

The Inside Out Community, a thriving Arts for Wellbeing charity are proud to
be celebrating Suffolk Day!
Suffolk, is a county with a rich tradition in the arts, and is home to many artists,
writers, actors, singers, film makers and so many other creative people. Inside
Out are harnessing this artistic expertise, in order to help people to discover
and make use of the incredible benefits that creativity can have on wellbeing.
Research from across the world is consistently confirming what many people
have known for centuries; that being creative and expressing oneself through
an art form can help how we feel. Creativity can help us to express things that
we have no words for, it is about ideas and possibilities which can help us to
open our eyes to new perspectives, it can connect us with others as well as
with ourselves.
In 2023, The Inside Out Community will be celebrating 20 years of work in East
Suffolk. Winners of the Queens Award in 2021, with a special commendation
for our work through the COVID pandemic. Our members, volunteers, workers
and Trustees are very proud to represent Suffolk, and we wish everyone a
great day today!


The white bright whelk shells,
impossibly sculptured, 

all in a row,
wind down the broad expanse of the wave blasted
brown pebble beach to the lip
of the shingle bank,
stopping short of the voracious –
but now calm, sea.
All have been lovingly laid there,
any breaks repaired by those that pass.
The story they tell is of healing,
is of hope,
is of peace,
and the strong life force,
wild and free
that calls us to such places..


Shingle Street Suffolk   


From:  As if Everything Were a Miracle by Peter Watkins


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