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Remote Moving Minds

Moving Minds is open to anyone who feels drawn to the idea of creative dance & movement as a way of supporting their well-being & mental health. We aim to create a safe and supportive space in which it feels comfortable to express yourself with increasing creativity & freedom & have fun in the process. It is a class in which everything is voluntary, so there is no pressure on anyone to ‘perform’. It is a class in which you will learn about the art of creative dance while developing movement skills, awareness of good alignment and safe practice, progressing at your own pace & physical ability.

During these unual times we will be doing a remote version of Moving Minds via Zoom.

We will start our online sessions having a catch-up chat and becoming more familiar with Zoom. Then a gentle series of moves to stretch and mobilise using some of the ideas that we have shared previously together. I suggest that we begin seated on an upright chair and then stand.  If you feel able, please come up with a move inspired by the words in/out or wrapped/unwrap that you are happy to share with the group to copy. Just before we end we will chat about what has worked well and how to improve an online session for the next time.

As Zoom allows 40mins for meeting time, we will definitely be 40mins, it is easy to have a moments break then connect with the same details again immediately afterwards, should we feel the need.  We will be a maximum of 1 hour for our first session.

Also, be assured that it is perfectly acceptable to turn off your video at points, if you are not keen on being seen all the time.  You will still be able to hear and join in.  

It will be wonderful to meet and move again, even though its at a distance.

DanceEast/Inside Out Community strongly recommends that you consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise or dance activity.  As we can’t provide direct supervision, please make sure you take care and don’t do any exercises that you are not comfortable with, or feel is outside your capacity. So please use your common sense and if you have any doubts at all, please do not proceed. If you engage in these online dance classes, you agree that you do so at your own risk; are voluntarily participating in these activities; and assume all risk of injury to yourself. DanceEast and the tutor take no responsibility for any personal loss or injury caused whilst participating in this class.