The summer Autumn programme runs from September until December 2017

Download our Autumn 2017 Programme

The Open Workshop Programme: these accessible warmly welcoming  workshops are open to anyone interested in joining a friendly creative group of individuals, which explores the arts as a way of sustaining well-being.  It offers the opportunity to discover and express natural creativity, develop artistic talents and interests, rediscover self-belief, reconnect with others and above all have an enjoyable time! All workshops are led by professional artists who share their skills in supportive and inspiring ways assisted by volunteers.

Making music with others can contribute significantly to well-being and good mental health.  The Music Project is open to any beginner or improver musician or singer interested in creating and performing rock/pop-style music.

If you can sing, if you like to sing, or if you think you can’t sing but would like to, then the Singing Project  Music in Mind is for you! Singing in harmony never fails to lift the spirit.

If you do one new thing this year, join an Inside Out group.