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  • Twelve Good Reasons to Join an Arts and Wellbeing Group

    • Promotes relaxation, enjoyment, inner calm.
    • Enables personal and emotional expression in safe and creative ways
    • Increases social contact and inclusion
    • Increases motivation and energy for living
    • Strengthens self esteem and confidence
    • Develops self awareness and understanding
    • Offers a meaningful, purposeful, socially valued activity
    • Enhances coping skills and resilience
    • Develops artistic/creative skills and interests
    • Encourages self re-definition towards a more positive identity
    • Engenders a sense of hopefulness
    • Makes creative (whole brain) thinking available for living

     Evidence based outcomes identified in studies of community arts and mental health projects. ( see The Case for Arts and Mental Health  published on this site) 
    Donate to local charities at Localgiving.com

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