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    This past Saturday 25th April was the day Inside Out had planned to hold Poetry Soup our own mini poetry festival; this year the theme was ‘light verse for dark times’. With the emergence of the pandemic and the impact this has had on our lives all the more reason to seek  some nourishment & pleasure through poetry. I offer a couple of short poems which I’d planned to read at the event. One is from my collection Enough to Love a Multitude (available from www.eyewildbooks.comand the other is a new, yet unpublished poem.  Hope you enjoy them. If you would like too, please send in a favourite published  poem or one you’ve written yourself, either as a video recorded reading or as written text, & over the month of May we will post them on our Facebook page. The theme of light verse can be interpreted widely – from humorous poems to poems that inspire and lighten the spirit. Once we’re out of isolation and the world begins to feel safe again we look forward to organising our postponed poetry event.

    Warmest thoughts to all

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