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Meet the Team

Matthew MorrisMatthew Morris
– Chairman

I believe in creativity as a way of helping us to discover new possibilities, to express how we feel and to free ourselves from the day to day issues that can entrap us. I hope that through the Inside Out Community we can provide spaces and places where people can explore and express themselves in a way that brings them fun, friendship and fulfilment.


Peter WatkinsPete Watkins -Trustee
There is something liberating about participating in the arts – liberating in all sort of ways. I believe that’s what Inside Out can be for people – liberating!

My personal life now is deeply embedded in the arts – writing, music, singing, sculpture; along with a joy of  nature and the love of family and friends, it is what sustains and inspires me most on this surprising journey through life.  



Elene Marsden– Trustee

I think the work that Inside Out does to help people tap into the creativity that’s deep inside us all, is fantastic.

Outside Inside Out:I love running, singing and shopping for previously loved clothes.




Jan Addison– Trustee

I am closely involved with my family, friends, home and garden. My love of theatre, cinema, art, music and literature, give my life richness and energy. I strongly believe in the power of the creative arts to support and improve lives which have become impoverished by psychological distress and that such involvement can lead to hopefulness and well-being.



GaleGale Pryor – Treasurer

Having been an accountant all my life I have always enjoyed giving something back to my community by acting as treasurer of various organisations. Over the 5 years that I have held this position I have seen the charity expand into new and exciting areas without losing its heart whilst going from strength to strength financially which has been very rewarding.



AlanAllan Williams – Programme Leader 

I have worked in the voluntary sector for over 25 years and I have been a practising visual artist for most of my life. I believe it is impossible to overestimate the value of creative activity and engagement to our good mental health and well-being. I am really pleased to be joining Inside Out and being a part of this valuable resource




 Gemma Watkins – Secretary

I have been involved with Inside Out since 2014. As the Charities secretary I am mainly behind the scenes working with our small but fantastically dedicated team to keep this charity evolving. I enjoy meeting our participants and supporters at our regular fundraising events and seeing and hearing how enriching Inside Out’s workshops are to so many people.




download Janine Tompkins – Administrator 

I have been working within the charity since January 2019, I love the ethos that mental health and well being can be supported through creativity and the arts.  It feels like such a positive way of building well being.  I have loved watching the workshops and hearing the feedback.  Outside of Inside Out I enjoy running  events, I support the local community in Colchester to help make it a better place and I am a single mother of two.



Marie Grueberova– Programme Leader

As a practicing artist, I have experienced countless transformations through creating art. I have also witnessed the power of sharing ones journey through art. In a safe circle of ‘friendship’ one can begin their voyage of discovery and healing- to be seen and accepted as they are, their suffering being acknowledged and in return they may become a healing help for others, discovering their own self worth.