Arts & Mental Health


On- Line Arts and Mental Health Programme

Start 2 is  a new on-line arts and well being programme  created by Start, an innovative NHS arts in mental health resource based in Manchester.  It offers a great opportunity to sustain your creative life and strengthen your sense of well being outside of workshop time.  It’s free and easy to use.  Just go to

Start2 is an exciting on-line well being resource that uses art and creative activities to boost your health.  Start2 is full of ideas that anyone and everyone can enjoy regardless of experience of doing creative activity.

Absorbing, interesting, fun, with fantastic interactive features, it offers over 70 activities.  Try your hand at animation, creative writing, textiles, drawing, collage and photography, explore our virtual galleries and museums, experience our creative self-help activities including mindfulness.  Start2 guides a user with expert tips and advice and our on-line mentor can even recommend the best exercises to suit users and their well being goals!

Start2 has been created by the team at Start, a multi award winning arts-based mental health NHS service.  The start method aids recovery and wellbeing  through arts and gardening with a unique emphasis on creativity.  Start is part of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.


Daily Life Ltd

Bobby Baker is a wonderfully imaginative, funny, serious, skew-whiff performance artist who spent 11 years of her life enmeshed in serious mental ill health from which she eventually recovered.  In making sense of, and communicating her experiences she made an extraordinary series of diary drawings which were shown at the Welcome Institute, London in 2009 – take a look at some of them on her web site or on  Also check out on her web site her latest show Mad Gyms and Kitchens which includes top tips for wellness.  She trained in fine arts at St Martins, is a Fellow of St Mary’s School of Drama at the University of London and runs her own art works company Daily Life Ltd.  She is an inspiration